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Emmanuel Asante-Asamani, PhD

Applied Mathematician

I am an applied mathematician interested in multiscale modeling, numerical solution of partial differential equations and machine learning. My central research goal is to utilize my training and experience in mathematics, computing and experimental cell biology to clarify the intricate mechanisms at play in various biological systems.

Research Interests

 I am interested in developing, analyzing and simulating multiscale models of biological processes, applying machine learning methods to make sense of biological data and developing efficient numerical methods for solving partial differential equations.



E.O. Asante-Asamani, Daniel Grange, Devarshi Rawal, Zully Santiago, John Loustau, Derrick Brazill.  A role for myosin II clusters and membrane energy in cortex rupture for Dictyostelium discoideum, PLoS ONE 17(4): eo265380 (2022)

E.O. Asante-Asamani, G. Pal, L.Liu, OO Ogunwobi. A new composite score with potential predictive value in prostate cancer. Frontiers in Oncology, 11 (2021) 783

E.O. Asante-Asamani, Andreas Kleefeld, Bruce Wade. A second order exponential time differencing scheme for nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems with dimensional splitting. Journal of Computational Physics, 415 (2020) 

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